My little world -
Apartment in Singapore


From summer 2001 to spring 2002 I was lucky enough to see a completely different part of the world. I also was lucky enough to find a wonderful apartment where I could feel perfectly well. A small piece of my own world.
I assume it was a three room apartment. Two bedrooms, one living room with an attached hall, a kitchen, a big bathroom, a small bathroom (both with WC), a shower/toilet combination for the maid I didn't have, and some kind of balcony, where the washing machine and the rubbish chute was located. Total 110 square meters with a tiled floor - the perfect place to do the first "steps" on inline-skates.


    inside the apartment

Photos of inside of the four walls.

inside the apartment (new page)

    outside the apartment

Photos of outside of the four walls.

outside the apartment (new page)

    view from the apartment

Photos of further away.

view from the apartment (new page)