Apartment in Singapore -
Inside the apartment



The window in the living room, that theoretically led to the second balcony (this one was 40 cm wide) opens to the west. So I had a view on the skyline and the sunset. The reason why the window on these pictures is always opens is, that outside the temperature was never below 26 degrees celsius.

living room (46 kB) living room at night (42 kB) living room, Sunday afternoon (90 kB) living room, just before sunset (72 kB) window (58 kB)


The first picture shows the view from the front door in the hall to the living room. On the right side you can see the kitchen. The second pictures shows the master bedroom with genuine imported bed-linen. On the third picture you can see the bathroom which was attached to the master bedroom. And then, of course, the most important room in the apartment, the kitchen. Gas cooker with gas cylinder, microwave oven with hot-air baking-function and the door to the "balcony", where the washing machine was located.

hall (41 kB) bedroom (53 kB) bathroom (91 kB) kitchen (60 kB)


A very big advantage of this apartment I didn't discover in the beginning was the wind. Reading the classified ads for apartments in the newspaper, I wondered why people used "windy" to advertise an apartment. Now I know very well. At an average temperature of 28°C and a relative humidity of far beyond 100,000 % any breeze, no matter how soft, will bring agreeable refreshment. And there was plenty at this place. This building in east-west orientation, placed on open field (only two-story houses around), was a big obstacle for the wind, and my apartment, with windows on both sides, was the wind tunnel that went with it. The first pictures is part of one of my air-current measuring experiments. Unfortunately, the lot of wind also brought lot of dust into the apartment, so my feet always turned black when I, as usual, walked around barefoot. But on the other hand, electrostatic discharges were no problem anymore.
And then, there were some more inhabitants. About one hundred million little flies, every time I didn't immediately put all fruits into the fridge; in total three cockroaches, which moved from the rubbish chute to my washing machine balcony as I wanted to dispose of some waste (this problem was solved environmentally friendly with boiling water within some seconds); two geckos, who hopefully took care of all the other insects I didn't know about; and sometimes a few birds, looking for shelter while it rains.

wind (48 kB) inhabitants(41 kB)