Apartment in Singapore -
View from the apartment



Did I already mention, that the apartment was on the 13th floor of a single standing building? Correspondingly the view into all directions was unblocked (well, in my case reduced to east and west).
To the west, there was downtown with the skyscrapers (maybe they are only high-rise, but nearly all buildings on Singapore are high rise, so we need to make a distinction here), this is why there is much more to see. People who know this place will be able to call each building by name (there are not sooo many of them), other people will have to be content with only the nice view. On the first picture, you can see the MRT (underground train/subway, which in most cases drives on the surface), which has a station directly in front of my front door (Kembangan).

in the morning (92 kB) in the morning (55 kB) rain (36 kB) at night (53 kB) at night (50 kB)


Looking east, there were mainly residential buildings, smaller houses and the so called HDBs (housing development board), with several hundreds of apartments per building. But the sky at night in this direction was really worth looking at (this is one of my yearning-pictures - it hurts a little, looking at it).

in the morning (56 kB) at night (36 kB)


As Singapore is a quite flat island, looking west I was able to enjoy the sunset until its very end, as there were no other buildings, blocking the view. The last picture here was the last one I took before I left Singapore (another yearning-picture). At that moment, I made the decision that it would not be a goodbye forever.

Skyline (62 kB) sky (23 kB)