Malaysia -
Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur, the city with some million inhabitants in the middle of palm plantations. With a big, a little unorganised seeming systems of streets, which hardly can handle the daily flood of cars. But no matter how confused and hopeless the traffic situation seems, you never will hear a horn, activated in anger.


The train station of Kuala Lumpur. Once the most important building of the city, now is only occasional crowded by tourists.

train station (59 kB)


Palace Sultan Abdul Samad, in the evening illuminated by endless chains of light.

Abdul Samad (79 kB) Abdul Samad (76 kB) Abdul Samad (81 kB) Abdul Samad (77 kB)


Mosque Masjid Jami, situated on a small peninsula in the heart of the city. It offers refuge and relaxation.

Masjid Jami (65 kB) Masjid Jami (87 kB) Masjid Jami (61 kB)


Impressive and pleasant is the living together well of different religions, modern age, technology and tradition. And even more pleasant are the signs that I can read.

religion (41 kB) modern age (60 kB) signs (104 kB)


Sometimes, life here seems a little rural, but what doesn't keep Kuala Lumpur of having one of the biggest shrines to consumerism in the world.

village (102 kB) new temples (82 kB)