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I didn't see too much of Malaysia besides the things located between the international airport and Kuala Lumpur. Although this distance would be long enough to take a plane (caution, ironic), there is hardly anything to see. All the things wroth seeing, I haven't seen them. But I know people how saw them.


    Kuala Lumpur

Pictures of Kuala Lumpur ...

Kuala Lumpur (new page)

    Petronas Twin Towers

Pictures of the Petronas Twin Towers ...

Petronas Twin Towers (new page)

    International Airport of Kuala Lumpur (KLIA)

Pictures of the Airport ...

KLIA (new page)

    Batu Caves

Pictures of the Batu Caves ...

Batu Caves (new page)

    Technology Park Malaysia (TPM)

Great pictures of a great power plant ...

TPM (new page)

    Johor Baru

Pictures of Johor Baru ...

Johor Bahru (new page)