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Everybody should know Milano. And also the cathedral, which successfully resisted with its size my little camera. One day, I will come back here with a really big camera and will triumph over this building. In the meantime Oliver woke up.
Something I think is very fascinating: if you stand on a special point on the square in front of the cathedral and are able to look a little around the corner, then you can see five McDonald's at the same time. I wonder if they copied this from St. Peter's in Rome.

Cathedral of Milano (145 kB) Oliver awake (77 kB)



And everybody knows Venice (or more correct Venezia). But maybe not from above. The view from the Campanile (at St. Markus' place) towards the mainland, then a little further to the east and finally toward the open sea. By the way, on the first picture, just next to the house with the reddish roof, there was our hotel. And the Coke can was not from me.

from above (135 kB) from above (127 kB) from above (57 kB)

Venice is famous especially for its canals, of which there a small, medium and big ones. Canale Grande was almost too big for my camera.

canal tiny (81 kB) canal small (97 kB) canal medium (82 kB) canal big (105 kB) canal grande (90 kB)

But as not everybody in Venice could afford a ride in a gondola, there are small alleys for the pedestrians. And if the alleys become too monotonous, there are little squares. And if this is not enough, they build big squares and put a tower on it. And if this is still enough, they push, for the entertainment of the population, one of the towers until it is slanted (this time, it was not caused by the photographer's horizon-problem).

alley (63 kB) square (87 kB) big square (66 kB) slanted tower (98 kB)

And buildings, you would have had to invent all the architectural styles, if they hadn't been there yet. As for this church, for example (Santa Maria dei Miracoli) and this staircase (Scala del Bovolo). Neo-gothic looks, in my opinion, also quite good and meanwhile also quite old (Palazzo Franchetti).

gothic church (118 kB) renaissance church (101 kB) renaissance church (99 kB) renaissance stairs (132 kB) baroque church (131 kB) neo-gothic (135 kB)

This pictures don't show that Venice (especially in summer, with such a perfect weather) overflows with tourists. Some of them come from far away (Oliver in his best role), some from almost next-door (as proof that I also was there). But if you walk a little off the axis Markus' Square and Rialto Bridge, you are alone quite quickly. Especially around noon, when all the other (sensible) people take a break. We, however, had to do the seven-day-tour (from the DuMont travel guide) in three and a half days. But we didn't make it. After the sixth day stage, we visited a architectural exposition in the Biennale and didn't walk a single meter anymore.

"Where have you been?" - "Hiking in Venice."

Oliver as a tourist from far away (64 kB) me from next-door (104 kB)