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The possibly most famous landmark of Egypt and the epitome of the symbol of ancient civilizations: the great pyramids of Ghisa. On the spot, you are surprised how many more pyramids there are, and how close the fast growing city came to these monuments.
The picture of the pyramids from the distance is especially valuable - not because it is very beautiful, but because the way to this outlook was extremely painful and dangerous - on the back of a horse. But it was worth it.

from close up (72 kB) from the distance (28 kB)


The pyramid of Cheops from close up and from all sides. It is not easy to capture the size of this building. Maybe the people in the foreground could give a little hint ...

from the east (85 kB) from the south (91 kB) from the south (104 kB) from the west (84 kB) from the south (82 kB)


If sun skiff or funeral ship of Cheops - in any way this several thousand year old ship is impressive. You could easier tell the age of the modern museum building that houses this ship.

from behind (90 kB) from behind (77 kB) from the front (93 kB) visitors (69 kB)


Even if nowadays a lot experts can show the way, we have the latest equipment at our disposal, many means of transportation are available and we have the possibility to use this all together - discovering the pyramids still remains an experience you will never forget.

experts (70 kB) equipment (78 kB) means of transport (76 kB) all together (55 kB) experience (40 kB)


Eternity and transience - there is hardly another place on this planet where these two opposites are closer to each other.

traces (77 kB)