Sorrow -
Some sadness


Just that you got used to the summer, it's over again. And there wasn't enough time to prepare for the autumn. Slowly the surprise transforms into sadness.


    last rays of sunlight

The garden shoes still stand ready, waiting for being used, while the last rays of sunlight try to find their way to the ground through clouds and wilted leaves and the wind carries on the cold harbingers of winter.

shoes (57 kB)


Gradually the leaves start changing their colours, while the days become shorter and the nights become colder. Nobody goes out the house without a jacket, when you can see your own breath in the morning despite there is already sunshine. Still the leaves try to catch the sunlight, but there was, there is and there will not be any hope that they can withstand wind and coldness. First the leaves, lying on the ground, will be covered with rain, then with snow, before they disappear, without leaving a single trace. Nobody will remember them, when after a few months the first buds spring up through the snow and the first flowers bloom. And nobody will recognize them, when they, after a long winter, again develop their splendour. As they do every year.

leaves (67 kB)
leaves (100 kB)
leaves (78 kB)


For a last time you can see, what nature created over the year thanks to the power of the sun. Over a long distance visible fruits offer the birds the opportunity to collect some power before they take the chance and fly to the south.

fruit (39 kB)


And then comes what has to come. Cold and dreary days. It rains without any interruption. As long as you have forgotten what colour the sky can have besides dark gray. And every day it is getting colder. And colder. While it rains. And as soon as it is cold enough for snow, it stops raining. As long as has become a little warmer. To warm for snow. In the meantime, the sky changes between all different shades of gray. Monotony, grief, depression. Happy are those who can remember summer in these days. Hopelessness for those who have to try to forget the summer because it involves too many painful memories.

rain (89 kB)
rain (39 kB)

    but then

Incredible how fast all wounds, caused by autumn, are healed if it show its second face. The sun shines brighter than never before, and the sky is more blue as any painter ever would dare to paint it. Although the days are so short you only can enjoy them in a great hurry, they still give you the hope that there will be a summer again.

sun (133 kB)
sun (159 kB)