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So far I thought I knew (and I am sure you also did) how all the fast food restaurants on this planet would look like. Not that I have seen much of the world, but at least I know what Corporate Identity is about. But by doing different, at least some visitors in "typical german" Frankenmuth (Michigan, USA) know how a typical German village with a typical German fast food restaurant looks like. Please pay special attention to the clock on the tower and the half-timbering. And I had to learn (once again) that there is quite I lot I haven't seen yet. And don't really have to see.

McGermany's (83 kB)
McGermany's (62 kB)


So far I thought I knew (and I am sure you also did) that sofas are pieces of furniture, which are located in living rooms. But once more I was wrong. I found a sofa, that would, if in a house at all, stand in the garage. Sometimes it also stands on the street. And the most astonishing: it drives. Even if this sofa looks more like a car, regarding the road performance, it is much more closer to a sofa. If you know about that and if you take for every trip a piece of cake, some coffee, tea or (in my case) milk with you, this is a quite descent way of getting from here to there.

sofa (55 kB)
sofa (88 kB)


So far I thought I knew (and I am sure you also did) there is nothing that could surprise me on the toilets on this planet. But then, in northern America (northern Ohio), I had to learn that I was wrong. There I discovered an urinal, that requires no physical effort by the male clientele at all. The shape that projects far from the wall also prevents the potbelly of the user from accidentally flushing the toilet.

urinal (58 kB)