Future -
What the future will bring



    new life-forms

Some scientists claim that mankind has stopped to develop further in respect of evolution, as we found possibilities to compensate our weakness with special tools. Therefore the only hope to bring a little distraction to our everyday lives is genetic engineering. First experiments on the field of creating varied life-forms provided promising results.

new life-form (16 kB)

    intelligent articles of clothing

When you take them off, they store themselves away, and if needed, they go independently into the washing machine. But this won't happen, as the new materials will be absolutely dirt repelling. If you extend their software, they also can take care of the house as long as the owner is absent, mow the lawn and kick other people's asses. And because this will happen quite frequently, licence plates and personal liability insurances will become mandatory for these articles of clothing, and you must own a valid clothing licence to be allowed to operate your clothes. In order all this is worth the effort, industry will bring out on the market multiple-person clothes.

intelligent trousers (20 kB)

    important understanding

After comprehensive studies, they will find out, that television is bad for your eyes. As if we didn't know that before. Or at least suspected it.

television (25 kB)

    physical superiority

For the future I intended to be stronger than my big brother. Well, you also need long term objectives.

brothers (26 kB)

    improved software

Finally all these software products will be equipped with the functions we users are asking for since the very beginning. Besides productivity, for the first time also user's satisfaction will increase.

software (29 kB)