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Finally, I get to travel a bit. Most of the time, this means that I stay there for the night. Unfortunately, the time is not long enough to feel home there. And in too many cases, I didn't take pictures. So this is not a complete list, but all the continents are present (objective of showing-off successfully reached).


Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Mines Beach Resort. Unfortunately, I forgot my swimming trunks. Doesn't really look like business-trip, does it?

Mines (40 kB) Mines (74 kB) Mines (38 kB) Mines (41 kB) Mines (32 kB)


Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Hotel Armada. There is not much to see.

Armada (49 kB) Armada (45 kB)


Thailand, Chiang Mae. View from two different hotel rooms. The first one was something like an extended shed, the second one a nice resort.

shed (36 kB) resort (48 kB)


Germany. At the river Regen (heavy morning fog), in the smallest of the tents. This was enough camping for the following ten years. And Vellberg. In the middle of the Schwäbische Alb.

Regen (29 kB) Vellberg (44 kB)


USA. Washington DC and Virginia Beach. Both times only a view from the window. And a tomcat in Detroit, who occasionally challenged my place to sleep.

Washington (49 kB) Virginia Beach (34 kB) Detroit (73 kB)


Canada, Niagara Falls. A cheap motel, within hearing range of the famous waterfalls.

Niagara Falls (36 kB)


Egypt, Cairo, Hotel Zoser. Very close to the pyramids, with a quiet inner courtyard. On the other side of the hotel walls, the traffic is raging on a three- to five lane street (according to actual requirement).

Zoser (47 kB)


Switzerland, Locarno, Hotel Idontknowanymore. With a view at Lago Maggiore. Also very scenic. And once again not the right company for such a romantic location.

Locarno (31 kB)