Thailand -


Here are some pictures, where you don't necessarily have to recognize something, or which don't necessarily have to be elaborate, or you don't necessarily have to understand why they are placed here. I simply like these pictures, whether because of their content or whether because of my memories of the moment I took these pictures.


In the evening, when it is already dark but never cold ...

lamp (36 kB) lamps (50 kB) gate (82 kB)


Places where I had time to do nothing. And where I got good food - yes, sometimes life is wonderfully simple.

garden (137 kB) river (46 kB) ducks (78 kB)


Animals that don't have to be afraid of humans. And therefore always seem very relaxed (and are not dead as it may look like). And when they are not relaxed, they are hungry.

chicken (73 kB) dogs (89 kB) rabbit (68 kB) rabbit (69 kB)


Return flight. Actually, this is not a beautiful memory, but unfortunately it is a part of it. At least it is a beautiful picture.

return flight (20 kB)