Thailand -



The biggest part of Thailand is rural areas - which is completely different from, for example, Germany, where you can see from nearly every village or town another village or town. Exactly speaking, this is the countryside north west of Chiang Mae, un in the hills. As usual, I don't remember the names of the places. But on the way there, we met an old woman ...

track (75 kB)


Via other track, that may be impassable during the rainy season, we came to a real village. The interesting thing about this village was the solar powered satellite telephone station. Correct - we were on this trip together with the company which installed this system.

track (90 kB) village (110 kB) village (98 kB)


This village was located in the mountains. Surrounded by nothing but forest. And mountains, of course, which were covered with forest. As this village was close to a national park, there have been some information signs which I again wasn't able to read. By the way, the man eating dragons in Thailand look very much like our chickens - or was this a different story?

village (85 kB) village (102 kB) stairs (101 kB) cock (84 kB)


An then we went on, to the next national park. On and on through endless seeming forests. Especially when nine either in length or width fully grown Europeans and Indians travel in a Japanese compact bus. Here a short view out of the windows during the drive.

drive (44 kB)


In the second national park, there was even more nature. And a waterfall. Which was supplied by a river. For taking a look of the river above the waterfall, you had to climb numerous steps. After all, we have been in the mountains. And once again there was the sunset.

waterfall (86 kB) river (107 kB) river (103 kB) stairs (102 kB)


Here some closer looks on nature. Bamboo in the dark forest, a palm tree in plain sunshine and a to me unknown tree, just before sunset in a valley in the mountains.

bamboo (63 kB) palm tree (81 kB) tree (97 kB)