Thailand -
Chiang Mae


The second biggest city of Thailand is Chiang Mae. It is also famous as Bangkok for its temple complexes. With the only difference, that Chiang Mae consists to 50% of temple complexes, and the other 50% are low rise residential buildings. I didn't have a tour guide (neither in person nor as book), this is why I can't give you the names of the temples and places.


First a view from the hotel, a view of the spa building, of one of the bungalows (it was a resort hotel) and a view from my seat of our convention dinner (yes, work, once again). As pretty as it looks as uncomfortable it was. Much to my relief I cloud observe, that sitting on the floor also was difficult for my friends from Thailand.

hill (80 kB) hotel (117 kB) hotel (85 kB) dinner (87 kB)


I think the first two pictures don't show a temple but a pagoda. Probably. You can't go inside as it is a solid stone building. In addition, there are the temples with the famous wooden roofs. Many of the temples are surrounded by monastery complexes.

temple (68 kB) temple (81 kB) temple (68 kB)


The temples are closed with artistically decorated doors. On these doors, they tell, plated with gold, also stories of Buddha's life.

door (148 kB) temple with door (58 kB) door (172 kB)


Besides gold, they also use coloured mirrors to fill the temple portals with indescribable shine.

temple (88 kB) temple (90 kB) temple inside (73 kB) temple (58 kB)


Among all the temples, mainly made of wood, there are some made of stone. And these must be as old as all wooden temples together.

temple (32 kB) temple (64 kB) temple (74 kB)


As already mentioned, Chiang Mae mainly consists of temple complexes. And in between, there live people, with motor-cycles, on crossroads in front of buildings with inscriptions you can't read, just before sunset. The days in Chiang Mae pass much to fast. As at all beautiful places.

crossroads (69 kB)