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Bangkok is famous, among other things, for its temple complexes. Which I, due to lack of time (as I was there for work) only was able to visit from the outside. This leaves me an easy to reach objective for the near future.

temple (35 kB) temple (72 kB) temple (58 kB)


Among temples, there are also profane buildings in Bangkok. Some of them following French examples, given they have been used formerly as parliament building, others only are a little higher for offering more people space to live in. The fact that the buildings seem a bit worn out is caused by the subtropical climate, which mercilessly treats almost every material getting in contact with it. I better don't mention the pollution, mainly caused by the countless motor-cycles with two-stroke-engines.

parliament (92 kB) high buildings (94 kB) high buildings (83 kB)


And between the high buildings, there is some space left for streets. But on the streets themselves, there is in most cases no more space left. The impression given by the fist two pictures is misleading. The last two pictures show the usual kind of traffic. Which you pass fastest on one of the countless two-stroke motor-cycles. But certainly not safest. And then, there is the tropical rain, with raindrops big as tennis balls. Or at least it seemed to me like that, because after 0.2 seconds, I got soaked to the bone (no, not only to the skin).

street (110 kB) street (100 kB) street (74 kB) street (100 kB)


For the moment, my personal impression of Bangkok will consist in the following three photos. Additionally to all the others, that unfortunately only exist in my head.

sunrise (32 kB) letter-box (90 kB) current (109 kB)