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    Lago Maggiore and Locarno

Lago Maggiore is, as I was told, the longest lake in Italy (what made me understand afterwards why the little cruise took four hours). And only a part of it in the North of the lake belongs to Switzerland, including the beautiful city of Locarno. But as people always addressed me in Italian in the first way, I won't be so strict here and also file the lake under Switzerland. And only the first picture was really taken in Italy.
The fist picture shows a small aspect of the lake - water and a quay. Then a small church including an equally small monastery, located high above the lake. You get up the mountain to this church in a cable railway you can seen on the next (a little out of focus) picture. Our hotel was located even a little higher, what would explain the exhaustion of Oliver (my trusty travel companion from the other end of the world). The minus-seven-hours-jet-lag may have contributed its share, too.

water of Lago Maggiore (89 kB) church above the lake (99 kB) cable railway to the church (61 kB) Oliver tired (53 kB)


    the mountains

Switzerland is famous for its mountains. There are people who say, Switzerland was as big as Germany if you only would press it (with an iron). But to be honest - who ever would do that? And why?
The mountains, that you can see below, are located to the left and to the right of the upper reaches of the river Inn - given you stand in the river or, as it was in my case, ride it downstream in a rubber dinghy. But then the mountains rather pass by, depending on the frame of reference you would like to apply. Or shoot by, depending on the rapids. As description for the location I could offer the village of Scuol.

mountains with trees (107 kB) mountains with trees (92 kB) mountains with trees (97 kB)
mountains from above (95 kB) mountains from further above (80 kB) mountains from almost the top (54 kB)
mountains in the afternoon (27 kB) mountains in the afternoon (54 kB) mountains before sunset (44 kB) mountains after sunset (31 kB)

But there are not only mountains in the mountains in Switzerland, there are also very pretty villages, for example Scuol.

hostel in Scuol (84 kB) hostel in Scuol (91 kB) alley in Scuol (75 kB)

And of course there is a road going there - through the mountains.

road going there (110 kB)