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Singapore, a small country ... or a big city ... or an island ... right in the heart of South East Asia. The perfect place for to take your first steps as a beginner in the direction of Asia. And incidentally also a perfect place to work. And in your leisure time, you can go shopping or eating ... or somewhere else.


    buildings to look at

Buildings to look at ...

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    buildings to live in

Buildings to live in ...

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And between these buildings a lot of streets ...

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    the coastline

And all around it the coastline ...

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    at night

And once a day it becomes night ...

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There is also space for some nature ...

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    Pulau Ubin

Just around the corner, there is the island Pulau Ubin ...

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A little further away, there is the island Bintan ...

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And in between, don't forget the life ...

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