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Many things get categorized according to where it is located, where it took place, where you experienced it or where you have seen it. But there are many things, for which the where and when doesn't matter. Rather important is the feeling that is created, the questions that are coming up or the knowledge that is passed on.


    beautiful staircases

A beautiful staircase. Maybe not everybody will know what to do with it, but who has the disposition should only take a look and enjoy it. The other ones (without disposition) can learn in the meantime, that, if you expose film for daylight for longer times, with artificial light (light bulbs) you will get warmer colours.

staircase (51 kB)

    many wheels

If you don't manage any more to count the wheels of a truck, even if you stand right next to it, you either should go to see a doctor or you are in Northern America. To name a place here is not very sensible, as because of the many wheels such a truck is very mobile and could be anywhere. Also as these are so many wheels, it doesn't matter that much if you loose one. In case it happens on the road behind you.

truck (60 kB)
truck (83 kB)

    powerful power cables

Power cables (for low voltage) have nearly completely disappeared in central Europe. In Northern America you can find them very often. And sometimes they cause a rare spectacle. After a storm, a tree was fallen on the power line and established and electric connection between the single conductors. The current flowing heated up the tree that much it started to burn. And as I was loading a new film in my camera, there was a loud bang (fortunately not followed by slivers of wood flying around) and the tree broke in two parts. The spectacle was over and the residents got back their light.

power cable (83 kB)
power cable (107 kB)

    sweet dogs

The expert may be able to classify the environment as north-american. And also estimate, that it took almost an eternity until a young dog, living inside the house and tries to satisfy its urge to be active, keeps still for a the necessary second in the right position. Regarding the breed of the dog, I don't really want to commit myself now. But I would accept a "Oh dear, how cute!" as an appropriate reaction.

dog (36 kB)
dog (41 kB)


A lot of country with a lot of people, that are unknown to you and will remain unknown, because you don't talk to them. Grown up in a different world, they lead different lives.

We don't know them, but still we know that some of them are still searching, some of them finally found and some of them already lost.

searching (62 kB)
found (68 kB)
lost (37 kB)
Northern America