Northern America

Northern America -
East Coast



The way there is long, and leads, depending on the route you chose, across many long bridges, which make the way even a bit longer. From time to time, you can meet actors from Alfred Hitchcock's"the birds", who retired and now live here.

bridge (41 kB) bridge (50 kB) road (48 kB) actor (45 kB)


The reason for this trip was the beach. And I think the trip was worth it. But at the big stones, the beach was over. As summer vacation was over, everything looked quite deserted - some indecisive people still were thinking if it would pay off to start the long way to the water, that short before winter. The advantage was, that you didn't have to fight with the life guards for the seats on the outlook posts.

beach (38 kB) stones (63 kB) deserted (32 kB) life guard (44 kB)


The stay took place in a pretty with flags decorated environment. If you travel in the after-season, you still can get sunburn, but the rooms with ocean view and within walking distance to the beach are affordable.
Finally a wonderful sunset at the ocean ... but who paid attention will know, that at the east coast, there is no sunset over the ocean - right, this picture shows sunrise, really early in the morning, just after painfully getting up, because we still had a very long way to go.

flags (85 kB) close beach (88 kB) dusk (111 kB) sunrise (117 kB)

Northern America