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This city at the southern end of Ohio, at the banks of the Ohio river, often has to serve as the stereotype of a boring small city. Actually, this city isn't that small, and of course nobody would know a really small city. So there have been at least two reasons for visiting this city.


Let's start with the skyline. For a small city, it is quite impressive. With the Ohio river in the foreground. On the right side, you can see the football stadium. And a little left of the centre, there is the highest building in Cincinnati. On the second picture, there is a railroad bridge which also has a pedestrian walk. Next to it is a bridge that looks really beautiful. And it humms and rumbles like a million bumblebees, when the cars drive over the pavement made of steel grid. The fourth picture shows the highest building of the city in close-up.

Skyline (58 kB) railroad bridge (70 kB) beautiful bridge (83 kB) highest building (75 kB)


From this tallest building (Carew Tower, 175 meters high) you have a great view all over the city. But for getting there, you have to use an elevator, which reminds me of a coffee house in Vienna. Both places create a certain mood of 19. century. Only the coffee house doesn't rumble and shake that much. And after the coffee house (up to the 45th floor), we went on in the toilet of the coffee house up to the 50th floor. This time due to the not present size of the elevator cabin. Of course it rumbled and shook even more as the first elevator. And if I remember correctly, what kept me alive was the notion that we would only fall down five stories deep, in case the cables would rip which were produced by Abraham Lincoln's brother. Afterwards, there were another 10 meters to climb, on a very material saving staircase in a very large room, always with view down to the floor. Finally reaching the top ... the suffering just started: welcome to the most windy place of the city. The flat roof top is surrounded by a 120 centimetres high wall. This is about 200 centimetres missing for feeling safe. On the wall, there is a handrail mounted which should become my best friend. The spots where I clung on should still be visible today.
Maybe it wasn't that bad at all, only this version of my memories is much more entertaining. The view was wonderful - fortunately we had great weather again. Not a single cloud at the sky. Too bad these pictures are from my before-being-ambitious-time, but still they show enough. Like the view the north, the east and the south. By the way, the name of the bank on the second picture is real and not touched up by me. Next a view down and even more down. Something like this is not possible on other high rise buildings, as the observation decks are either fitted with glass or grilles. It was a strange feeling, but the climb clearly was worth it.

north (88 kB) east (80 kB) south (84 kB) down (86 kB) more down (97 kB)


Otherwise Cincinnati is a city with totally normal and with nice corners, as in many other cities. It was on the weekend, when I was there (like for most of my short trips in the region), accordingly there have been no people on the streets.The few people I met made a more friendly impression. Maybe this was due to the good weather and due to the just ended Oktoberfest. The German immigrants also left some other traces. I cannot recommend the sauerbraten in the "Restaurant to the lime tree", but a look inside the church I can.

crossroad (85 kB) street 1 (88 kB) street 2 (94 kB) restaurant (111 kB) church inside (117 kB) church (90 kB)

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