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Appalachian Mountains



The Appalachians are a nearly endless chain of low range mountains. In the centre of these mountains, there is the Shenandoah national park.

Appalachians (98 kB) Appalachians (84 kB) Appalachians (69 kB) Appalachians (65 kB)


The Skyline Drive runs along the mountain ridge through the entire Appalachians.

Skydrive (100 kB) Skydrive (113 kB) Skydrive (117 kB)


Numerous little creeks run through the mountains, which lead via small waterfalls into small ponds, which again run in other little creeks further down to the valleys.

pond (99 kB) pond (99 kB) waterfall(119 kB) waterfall (119 kB) pond (155 kB) creek (125 kB)


And due to these numerous little amounts of water, drip stone caves are not far away - which are surprisingly quite big.

stalactites (92 kB) stalagmites (119 kB) stalactites (115 kB)

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