Malaysia -
Technology Park Malaysia (TPM)


Technology Park Malaysia, or short TPM, is the main reason why I was in Kuala Lumpur from time to time. TPM is a research and business centre, where young companies from the new technology sector can find the needed infrastructure for their activities.


On the roof of the biggest building of the park, there is installed a photovoltaic power plant with a power of 362kW. This installation covers a part of the energy needs of the air-conditioned office space. Excess power (on the weekends) can be fed to the public energy grid.
This picture with the from above view was not taken by me - I don't have such a high tripod ...

aerial picture (100 kB)


Here you can see the reason for my visits at TPM. It is two rows of white cabinets. The row on the right side consists of two inverters SINVERT solar 200kVA from Siemens, the row on the left side of two uninterruptible power supplies S-Series 200kVA from Masterguard. The inverters transform the direct current from the solar panels on the roof in alternating current that is fed to the power grid of the building. The two uninterruptible power supplies together with the big battery guarantee the permanent supply of the building with energy in case the power from the public grid fails. For fire protection, there is a CO2 fire extinguishing system installed.

SINVERT solar (55 kB) battery (65 kB) fire extinguishing system (48 kB)


On the roof, there are mounted 4824 photovoltaic modules of the type Siemens Solar SP 75L. Together they produce a nominal power of 361.8 kWp. Therefore it is, in the year 2003, the biggest roof top installation in South East Asia and because of the combination with the UPS the biggest PV-hybrid installation in the world. In the centre of the building, there is a glass roof top, which construction maybe also non-technician could find beautiful.

PV east (85 kB) PV west (102 kB) roof (75 kB) roof (103 kB)


Starting at the roof, you can go to the research labs, where the employees occupy themselves also with the solar power plant. Appropriately the rooms are fitted with sunny colours. The staircase is surprisingly and pleasantly non square, even if it goes a little far down here.

exit (60 kB) office (28 kB) office (31 kB) stairs (61 kB)


The building has a large inner courtyard, around which the offices are arranged in six stories. I won't try to describe the atmosphere that is created by a water cascade which spreads over four stories.

inner courtyard (43 kB) inner courtyard (77 kB) inner courtyard (55 kB) inner courtyard (72 kB)


At the main entrance of the building, there is a display board, giving an overview over the energy values of the solar installation. On the other side of the road, there is a smaller building (unfortunately without solar installation), that also offers an interesting view. Especially short after dusk, and when your camera lens gets misted because it was stored in the air-conditioned plant room the entire day.

entrance (47 kB) smaller building (47 kB) dusk (28 kB)