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Petronas Twin Towers


The Petronas Twin Towers are the most famous building in Malaysia, maybe in all South-East-Asia. And one of the highest in the world. And among the highest ones maybe the most beautiful one.


No matter from what point you take a look at the towers, they just don't seem as high as they are. There is clearly missing the reference to the surrounding area. Looked at through the roof of the already high shopping centre KLCC, you may get an impression of how long something would be on its way if it falls down from up there.

front (111 kB) KLCC (62 kB) from farer away (59 kB) from farer away (48 kB) from farer away (82 kB)


Even looked at from close up (in the 55th floor) the building doesn't loose anything of its fascination. Only the thought of cleaning the facade makes me shiver.

from inside (93 kB) from inside (51 kB) from inside (57 kB) from inside (38 kB)


How high these towers are you only realize, if you look from above on other already high buildings.

from above (110 kB) from above (87 kB)


Although the Twin Towers are during daytime very beautiful, the later it gets, the more beautiful they become. Even if they look a bit like Christmas tree.

day (62 kB) evening (50 kB) night (63 kB)