my little world -
the house


     the house, where I grew up

I have lived here, starting with my birthday for a quite long time. And that it all became so green was due to my brilliant idea of using powerful tools for gardening. My first tool was a tractor (picture in the middle). The yellow wellingtons won't fit anymore by now.

in winter in fall long time ago in winter in fall


     the cat above the house

The right place for an ambitious cat, who wants to make it all the way to the top. Besides, from there you have much better control of the garden. Only that she won't scare away Santa Claus, when he wants to use the chimney.

cat cat


     the workshop in the basement of the house

Here a lot of great things are created, mainly made of wood. The workshop is also available as 360° panorama, but you may need a SmoothMove plug-in (for files with the extension PAN). The panorama is about 304 kB, the plug-in 909 kB.



     another place to do work in the house

With a computer. And with a view of the garden, on a very dull day.

at the computer