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A city in southern France, which fortification system is completely preserved as it was totally restored in the 19. century.

Carcassonne 1 (36 kB) Carcassonne 2 (27 kB)



A small city in southern France with a beautiful city centre and a well preserved fortified church.

view from the river (36 kB) fortified church from outside (24 kB) fortified church from inside (47 kB) view at the chruch (33 kB) inner city (36 kB)



Here you can clearly recognize the tight integration of French and German influences over the centuries.

Alsace 1 (42 kB) Alsace 2 (42 kB) Alsace 3 (37 kB) Alsace 4 (45 kB) Alsace 5 (42 kB)



The Hôtel des Dieux in Beaunne, a tree on the way there, the monastery in Fontenay and the garden for it.

Beaunne (40 kB) a lonely tree (41 kB) Fontenay (41 kB) castle garden (48 kB)


    some other beautiful views of France

Amboise at the Loire, known for its castle, then Tours and Barbaste, a small town in the south. Everywhere you can find these views that are so unmistakable French.

Amboise 1 (36 kB) Abmoise 2 (34 kB) Amboise 3 (29 kB) Tours (37 kB) Barbaste (24 kB)