Egypt -
the Nile



The Nile - longest river of the world. With just as long river banks - as expected.

bank (49 kB) bank (41 kB) bank (39 kB) factory (65 kB)


And between the banks, there is even more water - source of live for Egypt.

water (30 kB) water (32 kB) boat (38 kB)


Traveling on the Nile takes a long time, no matter where you go. This gives you enough time, to experience calmly the sunset in the desert.

bank (36 kB) sunset (25 kB) dusk (23 kB)


Sometimes this silence on this eternal river is broken by the excursions ashore. At the places, where the tourists are washed ashore, the people are perfectly prepared for their visitors. Her you can buy anything you can get also everywhere else ...

view (75 kB) deck (83 kB) stand (101 kB)