Egypt -
the life



Besides all the cultural and historical important and impressive buildings and things that there are in Egypt apparently in abundant supply, there is something else that maybe sometimes remains partial secret to us: the very everyday life. A big part of the life takes place on the street. Here as example the streets in front of the great pyramids, a hotel in Ghisa and in front of the Egyptian Museum.

small street (66 kB) bigger street (71 kB) big street (65 kB)


And the streets mainly get used by cars (and their passengers).

moped (69 kB) drive (75 kB) traffic jam (69 kB) inside the car (89 kB)


Many people results in many cars. And many cars results, in many times, in traffic jams. Fortunately, there are three rules, which, if followed strictly, help to keep the traffic going:
1. Old cars have right of way, new cars must stop
2. Big cars have right of way, small cars must stop
3. All cars have right of way
It is extremely important that you keep to the sequence of these rules.

one car (64 kB) two cars (109 kB) a big car (91 kB) traffic jam (74 kB)


Besides joining the traffic, there are other aspects of life, as going shopping, impersonating taxi drivers and having food (the most authentic way possible).

a typical store (123 kB) a typical taxi driver (108 kB) a typical restaurant (111 kB)


And waiting for the taxi, what may sometimes take a little longer - I sometimes wondered if they still use sundials for their appointments. Then you have some time to take a look around (looks almost like Miami).

memories (53 kB)