Egypt -
the Citadel of Cairo



A special place in Cairo, that distinguishes itself clearly from the rest of the city is the Citadel (Al Qalaa). A little south east from the inner city situated on a hill, it overshadows the surrounding area by far. This fortress was founded in 1167 by the islamic general Saladin and had the function as the centre of the political and military power until the 19. century.
Right after the entrance you pass the mosque An Nasr Mohammad.

Entrance (114 kB) An Nasr Mohammad (42 kB) An Nasr Mohammad (59 kB)


The gem palace Qasr al-Gawhara houses the museum for the last king of Egypt, Mohammed Ali.

police museum (53 kB) Qasr al-Gawhara (54 kB) Qasr al-Gawhara (41 kB)


Centre of the Citadel is the mosque Mohammed Ali. It was built in Turkish style between 1830 and 1849.

Mohammad Ali (70 kB) Mohammad Ali (66 kB) Mohammad Ali (78 kB) Mohammad Ali (78 kB) Mohammad Ali (46 kB)