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Cairo - capital city with (in the year 2002) estimated 16 million inhabitants, surrounded by desert, which covers 90% of the country. From here it is about 200km to the Mediterranean. You can get a view of Cairo from the Citadel and the Pyramids in Ghisa.

Citadell, to the south west (59 kB) Citadell, to the north west (67 kB) Pyramids, to the east (47 kB)


Many mosques. For example the Sultan Hassan Mosque (on the left side on the first picture) and the ar-Rafai Mosque (on the right side). The Sultan Hassan Mosque is the older one of the both, with an open interior. Building the ar-Rafai Mosque was started in 1819 and completed about 100 years later. It houses the mausoleum of the imperial family including King Faruk and the grave of the Shah of Persia. Inside it is hardly light enough to take a picture without flash and tripod. A little more to the North, there are the two Mosques al-Azhar (on the left side on the picture) and Abu Dahab. With a little patience (or some luck), the sunset will transform the loud and hectic Islamic Quarter in a place of thousand and one night.

Sultan Hassan and ar-Rifai (86 kB) ar-Rifai (94 kB) al-Azhar (60 kB) al-Azhar (50 kB) al-Azhar and Abu Dahab (49 kB)


The Museum of Egypt
The inner courtyard of a restaurant in Sharia Al-Muski
On the way to the museum ...

Museum of Egypt (67 kB) inner courtyard (66 kB) house (86 kB)