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If you travel to Assuan by ship, you certainly will stop at the temple of Kom Ombo. The name of the village I don't know, but here a hint for orientation: it was dark.

Kom Ombo (78 kB)


Once in Assuan, you first have to find a free spot on the cruise-ship-parking-lot. It almost seems as nobody wants to travel any further on the Nile by ship. Standing on the Assuan dam a little later, I understood why. Obligatory program item in Assuan is a trip with a Feluka (the Egyptian version of a sail boat) - be sure to bargain intensively and not to get ripped off.

boat (50 kB) boat (56 kB) boat (49 kB)


On a small island in the middle of the Nile there is a Nubian village. Mainly people live there who had to leave their homes because of Lake Nasser. The architectural style is quite different from the one of "mainland Assuan", and the houses are partly quite colourful.

house (57 kB) house (43 kB) house (44 kB) houses (73 kB)


The houses are built very close together, forming small alleys. It's easy to understand that there is nobody to see around the heat of noon.

alley (84 kB) house (61 kB) alley (87 kB) jug (100 kB)