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    a watch

A watch, where you can't read correctly the time. So this watch lies on the fine line between function and useless beauty. It only has one hour hand, the minutes have to be estimated. On the picture, it is a little past (maybe five minutes) nine o'clock. The motto of the person who wears this watch should be: under no circumstances arrange important appointments ...

watch (30 kB)

    a bicycle

A bicycle to (maybe) torture yourself by climbing up all possible and impossible mountains. Although the car is already invented and although you could easily drive around the mountains. Unfortunately this bicycle is down the hill not much faster as up the hill.

bicycle (new page)

    a protective cover for motorcycles

As I am not a motorcyclist, I not really can rate the advantages of this object. But I could nearly have the opinion that it looks chic. The disadvantage probably could be, that the fur dissolves at speeds above 30 km/h - so this is a passive safety feature.

protective cover for motorcycles (91 kB)