Nothing -
What we shouldn't see


One of our habits is, to believe something not before we have seen it with our own eyes. But sometimes we could easily spare this additional information and better didn't have seen it. Or mustn't have seen it.


    feeding not allowed

This monkey for example. Who just has been fed. By a visitor, with a cookie. You can get a fine of 5000 Singapore dollars for this. Therefore better not have seen. By the way, it wasn't me. First of all, I am not that brave, looking at the high fine. Second, I don't want the monkey to die of caries. Third, in principle I don't share my sweets.

monkey  (58 kB)

    pee in the sink

And this we shouldn't see neither. And if we would have seen it, we wouldn't have liked to see it. No matter how small the manikin, peeing across the sink. This is about principles. And I am sure afterwards he didn't turn down the seat neither.

sink (57 kB)


Electrical installations, not performed by a company supervised by an approved master of craftsmanship. Anything weird could be the result. By the way, how do you say craftsmanship in Thai?

switch (84 kB)

    black ink from a smoke stack

Great colours! This powerful blue and then this deep black. Just as black drawing ink mixes in water with blue ink. Wouldn't it be very funny if this factory at the shore of the Nile produced colours?

smoke (39 kB)

    side dish

Actually, I didn't really want to know where all this green stuff comes from you can find in any Chinese dish, with this strange taste of fish. Maybe I can calm down a little as all the other ingredients are produced in a similar way.

harvest (75 kB)


It's just as you can see on the picture. There is somebody who has something hanging/sticking at/in/under his back, and at the other end, there is someone who pulls it. But this makes the wrinkles on your belly disappear completely.

hook (63 kB)

    no blood

Well, if you own two cats an a garden, you will happen to see this more frequently. Looking at the size, this comes very close to an animal experiment, either for the cat or the tick.

blood (29 kB)

    on the beach

In this case everybody may think for himself, looking at this scene at the beach, depending on the degree of purity of his thoughts.

beach (62 kB)