Nothing -
What we can't see


One of our habits is, to believe something not before we have seen it with our own eyes. But sometimes this may be difficult, because not everything that exists is also visible.


    but still is there

Too good that sometimes there is something even we can't see it. If not, you would descend to the ground in 8.2 seconds, from CN Tower in Toronto (330 meters, in case you have good aerodynamics).

CN Tower (46 kB)

    because the wavelength is not right

On this picture, you can see fire. But we know for sure, that there is something else we can't see: heat. This is something we learned by just sitting in front of it. And as well we know that there is also a painful version to this simple lesson. In case we came a little too close, trying to speed up the learning process.
By the way, with our eyes, we can't see the infrared radiation, that causes the warming up. The wavelength of the thermal radiation is bigger than the one of the light, that is visible to us.

fire (57 kB)
fire (64 kB)

    because the moon is in the way

On the 11. August 1999 there was a total eclipse of the sun in southern Germany. And because the next one here in the area will take place on 3. September 2081, I of course missed this one. And all the people who also had bad weather and no luck may find here some comfort.

eclipse of the sun