Sorrow -
In different sizes



    relatively small sorrow

If you stand in a telephone box and outside, the irrigation systems starts to operate. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but if the jet of water always hits the door, this can become unpleasant. And it becomes really annoying, if you don't have enough small money with you to talk the ten minutes waiting time on the phone.

telephone box (38 kB)

    already a little bigger sorrow

If you are too short to reach the mouse.

cat too short (28 kB)

    big sorrow

To suffer from vertigo In a situation like this, up there on the roof of the building. All around you nothing else but anchorless air. And if then also the strong wind starts to arise ... but then it's your own fault, because in the elevator, the uppermost button was clearly labeled "50". Some more about it you find here.

not suffer from vertigo (98 kB)

    really huge sorrow

To get your shoelace tangled up in the mechanism of this draw bridge (the gear wheel has a diameter of about 0.8 meters). But the sorrow that is caused by the stupidity leading to this mishap will be much bigger.
Note: if you stay away from Chicago, you should be quite safe from this risk.

draw bridge (34 kB)